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Skylon – A New Hope

I went to a symposium on future space launchers sometime in the mid-70’s and listened to Alan Bond talk about a project called HOTOL.  It was a new idea for launching people and goods into space in a safer, more … Continue reading

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Space is not somewhere else – – –

Ever since the Apollo moon landings space exploration has become boring or irrelevant to many people.  I think it’s because we still think in medieval terms:  The sun rises and sets, and space is somewhere else.  The reality, first witnessed … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Life Form Design blog – – –

This is the new blog for Life Form Design, ‘Tertiary’ the novel and various rolling notes and ideas.  Nothing much here yet, I’m setting up the page and will be back soon. The heading image is artwork for ‘Tertiary’.  It’s … Continue reading

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